Courgette Cake

Oct 25, 2014

Any excuse for eating cake is well received in my world and every Friday at work we stop at precisely 10.30am to eat cake! Brilliant! Our excuse it that we are raising money for charity, taking it in turns to bake and it is true that we each pay our £1 to the charity box but I think it is us that get the greatest reward for our £1…Time for a cuppa, a chat and CAKE!

My courgette cake is an annual tradition. Woe betide me if I don't make this scrumptiously moist cake at least once in the summer. 

This year I am a little late in my offering but I still have a few courgettes left at the allotment and need to stop the nagging hordes at work so I whipped this up on Thursday evening.


The recipe for this cake is Nigellas (Domestic Goddess page 18) but unfortunately I have never been able to figure out her icing. It is always way too runny and so has been served along side the cake as a sauce - strange but okayish. 

This year I decided to make my own cream cheese frosting and it worked a treat. A lovely tangy topping to offset the delicate flavours of this the lightest of cakes.

Unlike Nigella who makes this cake in two tins and sandwiches it with a lemon curd, I make one cake and just top with the frosting.

Courgette may seem like a strange cake ingredient but believe me when I say its just fab. 


Here's how: 

Preheat oven 180° C

Line the base of a 9 inch springform cake tin

The cake:

60g raisins (optional)

250g courgettes

2 large eggs

125ml vegetable oil

150g caster sugar

225g self raising flour

1/2 tsp bicarbonate soda

1/2 tsp baking powder

For the icing:

250g cream cheese

85g softened butter

85g icing sugar

Juice and rind of one lime

Put raisins in a bowl and cover with boiling water to plump them up.

Wipe courgettes with kitchen towel to clean and grate on the course side of the grater. Place in a sieve and leave to drain over a bowl.

Put eggs, oil and sugar in a bowl and beat until creamy.

Add flour, bicarb and baking powder and beat until combined.

Gently press down on grated courgette to remove a little more moisure and drain the raisins. Add both and mix until evenly distributed and pour mixture into prepared tin.

Bake for 30mins until firm to the touch. To double check you may want to insert a knife into the centre of the cake - it should come out clean.

Leave in the tin for 5-10 mins and then turn out to cool.

In the meantime beat the cream cheese, butter, icing sugar and finely grated lime rind together. Slowly add the lime juice taking care to check the consistency as you go to ensure the icing does not become too runny.

Smear thickly on top of the cake and serve.

This cake is happy to sit, covered in the fridge for a couple of days and does not dry out.



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