A Visit To Florence

Oct 31, 2014

October has come to an end with the most glorious of days. We sat on the balcony at work today eating our lunch and marvelling at the weather!

Sitting there with the sun on my face bought back memories of my recent trip to Florence.

This was my first trip to Florence and, to me, was all the better for visiting in early October.

I was so very fortunate to have my own personal tour guide - my daughter, Gemma, who has been living in Florence since March.

Oh the luxury of being able to enjoy every moment of my days following her through the streets of Florence, never having to consider where I was going but just being able to marvel at the architecture, statues, cobbled streets, windows filled with beautiful ice creams, pastries, gold jewellery and handmade paper shops.


Gemma's apartment was one bridge along from the Ponte Vecchio and could be seen from her lounge window.

An absolutely stunning location although rather noisy at night in a city where the traddion for eating late and talking into the wee small hours is the norm.


Day One we visited the Gallery Accademia.

The main draw of this gallery is the magnificent statue of David, a truly stunning work of art.

However, for me, the small selection of unfinished statues by Michelangelo were more intriguing. Those works, which for whatever reason, he had to abandon. Perhaps the proportion of a limb was incorrect etc. These pieces show the reality of creating masterpieces in marble is a tricky business to say the least. 

Tip: Prebook your tickets for the galleries! There are two queues at each museum/gallery, one extremely long one for those who do not have tickets and a shorter one for those that do. Well worth it especially on a Sunday when all the galleries are free. Prebooking will cost a mere 4 euros but will save you hours of queueing.




Day Two was the turn of the Uffizi Gallery. I loved this gallery…lucky really as it has 93 rooms. Oh my, were we ready for a break when we arrived at the cafe on the roof!

Every room was jam packed with beautiful paintings, statues and stunning ceilings. We spent a great deal of the visit looking up at the ceilings :)




Day Three we hoped to visit the Bobbili Gardens but unfortunately the gardens are closed on a Monday so we headed up the hill to see the views of Florence from the Piazzale Michelangelo. Just take a look at the views...




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